Folio Work is an important element in the assessment process of your coursework for Nat5 and Higher English.  Making up 30% of your final grade, why not start the construction of your Creative, Personal Reflective, Discursive or Persuasive essays under the guidance of a motivated and experienced tutor.

I can provide this service online and in ample time for the submission of this part of your Higher and Nat5 coursework.

Close reading Skills tend to be a difficult part of the English courses as it takes some time and practice to develop skills necessary to achieve a good grade.  You can be certain that I will manage to improve your understanding and improve your ability to cope with language questions - punctuation, sentence structure - imagery, tone and summary.


Call me now to arrange for an informal chat about how I can help at this stage of the school year.

Poetry, Drama and Prose may form part of your Scottish Text or Critical Essay response.  Once you have determined which play, novel or poetry you are due to study, I can then set about ordering your responses to achieve the best grades.

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